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When It Makes Sense To Start Again

Most marriages fail.  Some people stay on in failed marriages while most take the legal process and try and begin life again.  What is best for you depends on your crcumstances, personal approach to life and of course, the attitude of your partner.

However much the concerns of a divorce worry one, no matter what the tactics of the other party, the decision that you take must be about what is best for you, and if there are children involved - ensuring that they are not dragged into an emtional and bitter fight.

This is a site about divorce law, so we won't focus on the choices you have to make, because you have to make them and its best to make them yourself or with the guidance of counsellors.  Those choices obviously include:

  • choosing to stay together and try and improve the marriage
  • choosing to stay together and just ignore the cracks in the relationship
  • taking a short break from each other
  • staying married, but living apart or seperate lives

Different things work for different people and you owe it to your relationship to consider these options and to get expert advice - or try things like mediation.  Obviously first prize is managing to make things work - and divorce attorneys often open and then pend files as couples work through various issues.

Whatever you do, try your best to look after the interests of your children by not involving them in your divorce - directly or indirectly, for example, by breaking down in front of them.  Try and ensure, as best you can, that your divorce does not affect them.  Put aside your hurt, your ego or pride as much as you can and do what you can to assure them that you will both be involved in their lives.  When it seems to go wrong, or they do become affected, get the help of child therapists.


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